Saturday, July 9, 2011

College Journey

Hi all!!well this is 1st time i am blogging yeah,many ppl will say that what a stupid gal.but guys yeah i was really not on this..but i guess i can do it.

i am not making u bore or something just trying to put certain points.I am very typical gal,who likes to be happy, sad,famous,smart,beautiful n all...i am sure every1 here wants this only.

About my education i am Computer Engineer.Along with others i also was placed through campus.Supposed to be prestigious thing but destiny had smthng els for me,"Recession" i am sure many of us know this.So jobless engineer again i have to search the job.I did work in start up company as Sr Executive.My learning starts from there.Its very curious when ur on non technical side or so called management side as d task u can do is to give them work and the follow up.

managers always have feeling that they are gr8 but guys believe me technical guys r one of the pillars, U pay oopes sorry company pays  them so they are bound to listen to u.

But as kida of curiosity in me ,got m in technical job again as fresher almost after 2 yrs of exp!!!yeah i knw u must b feeling wht a mad gal is she.

But believe me guys the decision was so damn tough so much fear,nervousness and that too so much confusion i myself changed it many times :P but i gt into the development job (dont b happy it was just third line support and 10% configuration work) but may b this was not smhng i was really looking for.

coz i really don't have patience to sit and do coding i am good at explaining and knowing ppl so i guess let me try for management and there after my study started.

during that things i learnt are very imp to keep me positive just want to share few,

always be learning.
never give up.
try to find opportunity in whatever u do.
be open to changes.
work hard as well as smart.
never b ashamed of making mistakes.
come up with killing spirit.
try to listen/understand/interpret/achieve.
never let ne1 dominant u and dont dominant others.
u r unique and no1 can take ur role best than u.
have healthy competition.
never restrict true emotions flow.
learn to be innovative..learn to b leader.
u r best.
love ur self 1st then others.
dont try to judge ur self but try to learn n improve.
thank every1.
take time to smile and be with children n older ppl.
have passion.
share with others.
stand by whatever u decided and opt for..never regret  in life.

I followed this and working on implementing it 100 %.Guys believe m its  best.just want to thank my friends for making m realizing this all the time.

They are my motivation and it would have not possible without them...this all things got me @ Welingkar where i am  learning all (sometimes we end up taking harsh decision but those r require).

The events r really nice to evolve me and would surely do it. Things which i have not done yet would like to do now.I wish i could learn and enjoy too.

Last but not d least.Love u all cheers!!! may god bless all of us.I hope u like my blog.Do comment plz.