Friday, October 14, 2011

Load-Shedding A joke.

Let me start by referring to DNA article dated march 13 2011 where our dear Deputy chief minister, Ajit Pawar, said Maharashtra would have zero load-shedding by the end of 2012. He said the state government is formulating a policy to ensure that surplus power will be distributed to industries at concessional rate. He said that the government would ensure that 10% of the total power produced would be from renewable sources.

Now to the other article dated sep 28, 2011which states that Telangana stir forces load-shedding in Maharashtra. Movement of coal by rail for thermal power stations has been adversely affected due to the statehood stir.

Such a contradictory facts but so true. Who is responsible for this?? 

Does government know how to do demand forecasting ?? it seems they should read Kotler or should study supply chain.

Jokes apart instead of blaming to other states , our government should take responsibility,There was enough time to think on this issue before but as usual the decision was taken on the last minute and result is, power cut for 5-6 hrs in suburbs and upto 10 hrs in out side areas.

But again government putting load on limited ppl. MSEB provides electricity at various places and not just in suburbs but load shedding is imposed in suburbs. If there is so much deficiency in electric supply then do the power cut in all areas on equal basis.

There is no much difference in the price paid by city ppl and suburbs ppl per unit of consumption.
This will surely help to reduce burden on state as well as individual.

Areas like Andheri where Reliance energy is supplied, there is hardly any issue with supply, they always get best service and ofcourse they pay more for that which is fine.

Government should take help from such private firms to enhance its supply or production, Every state is busy earning profit for themselves so always depending on them is not solution but use new technique to improve.

I am sure a little bit more amount charged to individual would not make much difference as every one is willing to leave happy and good life.

so please think over it. By this we can change the way of looking at our ppl and can increase standard of living.

For my friends, please use electricity as and when required, switch on fan than AC, use natural light if possible, sleep more than watching TV, use washing machine less times, Cold water in October heat is far better than HOT water, reduce use of such equipment which consumes more units.

Let us bring the change and anyone forcing it to us.. don't do this for government but for our own people who are facing too much load shedding. Reduce the burden on them.

Cheers to Mumbai....

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